Flowers and Vase

Here are the tintypes from a recent still life shoot originally inspired by the beauty and mystery that exists in flowers. This is the first run of a series I'm putting together involving the collodion process and the way it interprets organic subject matter! I was blown away to see how an ordinary bouquet of flowers turns into something so alien and bizarre when translated onto the tin-type format.

After a couple frames I decided to spray paint the bouquet a shiny metallic silver (see below-- earlier post). The detail literally pops off the plate exposing the intricacy of the leaves and flowers at work here while giving it an almost industrial quality.

The idea was to sort of immortalize the bouquet. I mean this in the sense that the flowers are already dead and gone but the image allows them to live on forever--strong, full of life, and strangely wonderful.

Please stay tuned for more still lifes from the series. These are also available for purchase to decorate the home and other interior spaces...