Nude Collodion

Here are some ferrotypes from a recent collodion shoot. I love the random imperfections caused by chemical reactions on the plate's surface! It sort of adds this bizarre element to the image--notice the bottom right corner of the tinype to the left. The collodion emulsion seems to be folding in on itself creating a very unusual impact on the nude.

The work shown here is part of a collection of collodion nudes that I'm shooting for a book of fine photography.


"The Morrow" Collodion Portraits

Attached are some recent ferrotypes from a portrait sitting this week at my collodion studio. The three "plates" are of Brooklyn singer/songwriter Daniel Morrow of "The Morrow"... www.myspace.com/themorrowworld

More soon!



Still Life~ Televisons and Roses

Check out the new set of "plates" taken yesterday. I found this amazing old school vintage TV on the sidewalk and spray-painted it gold and suspended it against a black backdrop! I guess it's my own strange Collodion farewell tribute to broadcast!

Also, here are some more rose still lifes. The chemicals have been acting funny lately while using the process creating bizarre streaks and patterns on and across the plate's surface. Normally I'm not a big fan of too much imperfection but feel it almost makes these more effective given the chosen subject matter....
There are plenty more on the way...stay tuned! ~RCM


Collodion Still Lifes

After a long period of shooting mainly portrait work, I've decided to add some new direction into the mix: Collodion Still Lifes.

I love shooting portraits of all types largely because of the human interaction that takes place during the experience. Everyone has such a unique look and it always translates so differently from one person to the next in the Collodion process! While I'm actively shooting portrait sittings and fine art projects in studio, I've decided it was time to apply this antiquated method to creating still lifes. The finished "plates" will be used for wine labels, graphics, and commissioned fine art mixed media pieces for the home and beyond!
This is my first (recent) still life...some aged and wilting roses on a table. It is amazing how they come back to life in 2-D!

The attached image is on a 5x7" plate of tin (ferrotype). Please stay tuned for many more still lifes to come! -Robert Christian Malmberg.


Friends in town from Santa Barbara, CA

Here is some recent plates (ferrotypes) taken of some friends in town visiting from Santa Barbara. The plate on the left is a portrait of artist Rebekah Miles, a painter who's work has been discovered recently by fashion giants Rodarte and used on their fashion accessories (handbags, shirts, etc). Rebekah and Nancy flew out to kick off NYC fashion week w/ a party at Opening Ceremony, where a Hunter S. Thompson style Cadillac convertible was parked curbside with Rebekah's designs thrown about on the interior...

Below is a tintype portrait of Nancy Neil, a dear friend and amazing photographer specializing in intimate portraiture that spans many genres with her unique style and alternative methods. She shoots with the Hasselblad (as seen below) as her instrument of choice, but her eye for special details and color is the true source of her creativity....


TOKION Magazine- Grizzly Bear Collodion Editorial

Here is the 'Grizzly Bear' Collodion Editorial for TOKION Magazine's Film and Music Issue, May 2009. This was one of those shoots that comes about at the last minute and somehow through the chaos it comes together perfectly. The issue came out just before the release of Grizzly Bear's much anticipated third album, Veckatimest. The shoot was not styled in the least, as we all felt it would be much truer to their real image. Interview by Peter Alsop, Art Direction by Yeliz Secleri.

Grizzly Bear: (above, left to right) Ed Droste (vocal, guitar), Daniel Rossen (vocals, guitar), Christopher Bear (drums, vocal), and Christopher Taylor (bass, vocals)


BRIDAL Collodion Portraits

Here is a recent Bridal Fashion Editorial we put together at the studio. With an amazing team of stylists, beautiful daylight, and the intricate/flawless Bridal Fashion of Maggie Norris Couture, these are the Bridal portraits we produced.

Hair Stylist: Marco Guglielmino
Makeup: Hagen Linss
Fashion Stylist: Cynthia Altoriso
Assistant: Jessica Savage

Family Tree Collodion

This is a random thing to post, but I thought it was pretty fascinating. This is a scan of an old Collodion Portrait of my great great grandfather Johannes from Norway! What a wild looking dude....and great style....

A special thanks to my Aunt Carol for tracking this down and sending.


Collodion Reveals your Roots

Fairly recently I had a portrait sitting w/ a sweet woman named Penna. She contacted me after finding out about my Collodion Portrait studio and wanted to schedule a sitting. Her inspiration was "old world Arabic " photos she had seen. Penna wanted to do a tribute to her roots stemming from the Middle East. While the portrait session we created was not intended to be an exact replica, it still has traces of the "old world" while also maintaining a contemporary freshness. Most of the jewelry used in the images had significance to Penna, some of it handed down through generations. Makeup art by Hagen Linns and Hair styling by Charley Brown.

"What an amazing Day! Hair and Makeup artists helped me look my best (and we had a ball chatting and laughing the whole time!) They had fantastic ideas and were open to my ideas as well.... Robert was SO amazing to work with. I thought I'd be a little nervous, but I wasn't... His professionalism and calmness made the day just fly by. 

I gave one framed print to my Father as a gift and another to my aunt who watched me during the day as a baby... another print will stay with me for my great grand kids to fight over in 100 years!!

Treat yourself to this amazing gift that will last a lifetime!" - Penna


Collodion Editorial ~ Cage Fashion by Heather Huey

Below are the Ambrotypes ("tintypes") from a shoot we produced this past spring. With flawless fashion design concept by Heather Huey, a fierce team of stylists, and our girl Sky from RED Models NYC, we came up with the story below. Mad credit goes to Marco Guglielmino on hair (www.marconyc.com),  Newheart Ohanion on styling (www.newheartnyc.com), and Agata on makeup. I hope you enjoy! Some of these "plates" are rated PG-13--in case there are is a younger audience viewing....

COLLODION Editorial ~ Cage Fashion

"Mother & Daughter Collodion Portraits (and dog!)"

"Robert was the most sweet and personable man. He was very patient with my daughter, and respectful of me. All of my photos were delivered in a timely fashion and looked better than I could have hoped for. The process that goes into the photos is just as interesting as the effect that they convey when they are done. His photos will be seen as timeless, or as if time stood still for that moment." -Winnie

Martha's Collodion Experience!

Below is a testimonial written by a recent client of mine, Martha. Martha is a Manhattan based author of brilliant creative short stories and essays. She sought out my Collodion Portrait style after discovering my work on a Daily Candy editorial write up on my new Brooklyn based studio. The main focus of the shoot was to produce a set of "plates" for her to use as an alternative approach to your everyday/mundane authors bio portrait. Here is what the team at Collodion Studio came up with:

"I fell in love with Robert's Collodion pictures because they presented a kind of alternate universe, where past, present, and future sensibilities co-exist. Romantic, nostalgic, avante garde. I was a bit nervous about being photographed,but Robert could not have been more comforting. With this old world hipster charm he relaxed me right away, and the process was as much fantasy and fun as the outcome. He's no nonsense, professional, and surrounds himself with quality stylists and makeup artists who understand how to make you look and feel gorgeous." -Martha

Robert Christian Malmberg introduces his Brooklyn based Collodion Studio to the "blogosphere"

After many requests to be updated on my studio projects, gallery shows and personal work through the blog medium, I have finally joined forces w/ the blog world! Robert Christian Malmberg/Collodion Studio, LLC is now on the "b-train" (blog train) in order to bring you up to date posts, including but not limited to: current Collodion Projects, gallery shows, Holga adventures, Polaroids, mixed media work, links to rad and inspirational sites, strange and unsual ideas, and much much more!

My hopes are for you to enjoy a "glimpse" into my ethereal world of antique portraiture and bizarre interactions w/ the world around me as an ongoing visual essay...

Thanks for taking a moment to check in on the daydream.