Collodion Reveals your Roots

Fairly recently I had a portrait sitting w/ a sweet woman named Penna. She contacted me after finding out about my Collodion Portrait studio and wanted to schedule a sitting. Her inspiration was "old world Arabic " photos she had seen. Penna wanted to do a tribute to her roots stemming from the Middle East. While the portrait session we created was not intended to be an exact replica, it still has traces of the "old world" while also maintaining a contemporary freshness. Most of the jewelry used in the images had significance to Penna, some of it handed down through generations. Makeup art by Hagen Linns and Hair styling by Charley Brown.

"What an amazing Day! Hair and Makeup artists helped me look my best (and we had a ball chatting and laughing the whole time!) They had fantastic ideas and were open to my ideas as well.... Robert was SO amazing to work with. I thought I'd be a little nervous, but I wasn't... His professionalism and calmness made the day just fly by. 

I gave one framed print to my Father as a gift and another to my aunt who watched me during the day as a baby... another print will stay with me for my great grand kids to fight over in 100 years!!

Treat yourself to this amazing gift that will last a lifetime!" - Penna

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