Collodion Still Lifes

After a long period of shooting mainly portrait work, I've decided to add some new direction into the mix: Collodion Still Lifes.

I love shooting portraits of all types largely because of the human interaction that takes place during the experience. Everyone has such a unique look and it always translates so differently from one person to the next in the Collodion process! While I'm actively shooting portrait sittings and fine art projects in studio, I've decided it was time to apply this antiquated method to creating still lifes. The finished "plates" will be used for wine labels, graphics, and commissioned fine art mixed media pieces for the home and beyond!
This is my first (recent) still life...some aged and wilting roses on a table. It is amazing how they come back to life in 2-D!

The attached image is on a 5x7" plate of tin (ferrotype). Please stay tuned for many more still lifes to come! -Robert Christian Malmberg.


  1. Beautiful Rob.... Just beautiful. -Penna

  2. thanks penna! im really enjoying the still life sessions...it brings a sense of calm for me. strange..

  3. I love this photo - and while it would be perfect on its own hanging in someone's home or business, what a great market to get in with wine bottles and other mixed media pieces. I'm a big proponent of more everyday things in life being beautified and well designed.